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Pre-shipping check:

Please make sure that the problem is related to the microphone only ! Test with a different, preferably new cable and different input. Check if all switches on the microphone are set to the desired positions. Thanks !

Do not ship anything without prior notification !

(Unannounced shipments may be rejected at sender's cost)


Shipping from a EU member country

Please download and fill in the order form below. Put a signed copy into your parcel:

Order Form (DOC format) (PDF format)


Shipping from outside the European Union

*** NOTE: Due to Brexit, shipments from the UK are currently delayed by extended customs procedures ***

In addition to the order form above, please fill in and sign this proforma invoice:

Proforma Invoice (DOC format) (PDF format)

Attach two copies of the proforma invoice to the surface of your parcel for customs clearing, either in a document pouch or envelope marked "CUSTOMS/ZOLL".

Be very mindful of this paper ! Shipments without it may cause heavy effort and cost for customs clearing, or will even be returned to the sender.

If in doubt, please read our customs informations or mail us at

Switzerland: Senders based near the German border may benefit from simplified procedures. Please ask us in case...


Hints on safe packaging