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Our mic clinic focuses on the repair and restoration of the masterworks of microphone technology, where restoration of their original specs is always the primary goal. But also client-specified modifications can be implemented where they make sense. During processing, accurate measuring methods and critical listening tests ensure both professional reliability and superb musical performance.

Worn or damaged capsules are returned to spec in our own diaphragm laboratory. We are processing Neumann, Gefell and AKG capsules as well as less known brands and collector's items. Also stereo matching and client-specific tunings are available on request.

Cleaning of your microphone is offered as a regular-maintenance measure and can significantly improve performance and reliability. As an example, less than 2 cubic millimetres of dust settled on a diaphragm - as we find once in a while - already doubles its mass and significantly worsens frequency response !

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Moreover, we are offering :

Regular servicing, in order to maintain optimum performance and reliability

Update of vintage microphone sets according to current safety standards

Noise-cancelling measures for a variety of microphones by improved components and optimized alignment

No matter if it's a 1920s antique or a current product, there is virtually no mic-related problem we won't solve for you. This includes major brands like Neumann, Telefunken, Schoeps, AKG, Sennheiser, Sony, RFT or Gefell, right down to rarities and prototypes of uncertain origin.