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Looking for a rare vintage mic, power supply or accessory? An eyecatcher for the showcase? The latest in german microphone technology?

drefahlaudio is an authorized dealer for products.

You want to sell a microphone, a swivel mount, a power supply or other mic-related parts? Just let us know !

We provide new studio microphones of all major german brands with full warranty at competitive prices.

Our used-and-vintage stock is constantly changing. Therefore we do not provide a catalogue or complete list. If you are looking for a specific model or spare part, we'll be pleased to receive your e-mail inquiry...

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Full LAKE PEOPLE dynamics rack, comprising:

- 2x Limiter V2 compressor/limiter
- 6x Unigate V5 expander/gate
- System rack SR9

Factory-revised, flawless function attested. Probably the best analog limiters and noise gates ever made in Germany. Easy operation and excellent signal quality, much similar to the famous UREI 1176 and Valley People Kepex II. Balanced in/out and external key inputs. Gates have adjustable key highpass filters, ideal for drum separation e.g.

Limiter V2 controls and switches:
input level / output level / ratio / attack / release / bypass / key

Unigate V5 controls and switches:
threshold / filter freq / range / attack / release / bypass / key / lin-log response


drefahlaudio DN221-VR power supply for Neumann U47 / U48 new/overstock, set to 100..120/210..240V mains as desired

Interface cable U47/48 to DN221-VR, professional-grade with vintage/refurbished female connector €260
drefahlaudio DN-RC stereo remote controller/psu for Neumann SM2/SM23/SM69/SM69fet and AKG C24 (please specify), NEW,. Mains setting as requested €525
Interface cable for Neumann SM2/SM23/SM69/SM69fet, new €185
Vintage 60's Neumann KM slimline table stands with clamps, A+, two available, dia 20cm €85 each
Vintage cast table stand for small-dia mics, as used on early German TV for Neumann KMs, rubber clamp for improved decoupling €95
Vintage Neumann "spider" shockmount for U67/77/87/M269, new strings €295
Vintage 70's RFT-Gefell table/floor stand, heavy, dia 35cm €65
P.Drefahl "Tontechnik für Musiker ", 246 S., kurzweiliger Leitfaden für alle Einsteiger in die professionelle Studio- und Bühnentechnik. Mit leicht verständlichen Beschreibungen der gebräuchlichsten Geräte, Komponenten und Verfahren, Fehlersuche u. v. m. €14

Prices are stated ex vat and shipping. Die genannten Preise verstehen sich zzgl. Mwst und Versand.