dn221-vrx / dn221 standard / PTK phantom to t-power converter / neumann m49 psu updated / NEW DN-RC controller psu

The most comprehensive microphone power supply range on the market ! Precision-regulated voltages, unparalled noise and interference specs. Rugged and reliable made-in-Germany handcrafting, for decades of flawless operation. Field-proven and recommended even by the original manufacturers Schoeps and Microtech Gefell. The ideal substitute for worn or lost original powering units.

DN221 SERIES GENERAL INFORMATION (pdf english german)



DN221 for all AC701-based tube microphones such as neumann km, schoeps/telefunken m221, including the legendary CMV3 bottle.

DN221-2 as above, for stereo pairs

DN221-2S two fully independent power supplies within a single case. Even if one mic circuit is shorted, the second will remain unaffected. Optimum safety at the best crosstalk figures feasible

DN-RC stereo remote-controller PSU
For tube and solid-state stereo microphgones such as Neumann SM2, SM23, SM69, SM69fet, AKG C24, C422, C426B and more. Gold-plated & matched 9-step rotary controls for precise pattern setting

DN221-E for Neumann/Gefell CMV563, M582 and more with EF or EC tubes

DN221-E2 as above, for stereo pairs.

for Neumann U67 (Minituchel socket)

DN221-E67G for Neumann U67 (with original large Tuchel connector)

DN221-C for Schoeps' CM6 series

DN221-R single-channel unit with pattern control, for AKG C12, Neumann M269, M49, UM57 and more

DN221-VR for Telefunken/Neumann U47/U48/CMV5. The ideal substitute for Neumann NG units..

DN221-T transformer-balanced, e.g. for AKG C60 and measuring mics used for recording. Stereo unit also available

Phantom powering adaptor for 12V t-/ab-/parallel powered mics like those great Sennheiser MKHs, Neumann U77, KM73, KM74, KM76 and Schoeps CMT. Perfectly replaces bulky mains supplies and shaky battery boxes, at unparalled performance.
(PTK spec sheet english german )

N-TAINER  mono rack for V72-type vintage audio modules *


Single-unit rack for V72-style units by Neumann, TAB, Telefunken, Maihak etc., as well as power supplies of same size.

The ideal solution to operate those units individually, at full electrical safety and free of cabling hassle. Options include phantom powering, custom connectors etc. etc. product info (PDF)

*) Module must be sent for proper installation and testing.

Specific requirements? Anything is feasible ! Just ask...

Non-tube power supplies ? Low-noise phantom, t-/ab or model-specific powering ?
Rare or prototype mics with uncertain powering requirements ? We'll provide the optimal solution !


Compatibility list
The following microphones are working flawlessly with DN or PTK powering units:
neumann: cmv3 cmv3a cmv5b km53 km54 km56 km64 km73 km74 km76 km253 km254 km256 m250 m269c u47 u48 u67 u77 m49 m50 mv101 mv201 km73 km74 km76 sm2 sm23c sm69 sm69fet --- neumann east/gefell/rft: m582 cmv551 cmv563 um57 cm7049 cm7151 cm6201 mv690 mv691 mv692 pm750 pm860 --- funkwerk leipzig cm7156 --- schoeps/telefunken/siemens/straesser: cm61 m221a/b/f cm640 cm64 cm65 cm060 cm640t cmt440 cmt34 --- sennheiser: mh125 mkh405 mkh406 mkh415 mkh416 mkh435 mkh815 mkh816 and all similar --- akg: c60 c61 c12 c12a c24 c28 c29 c30 C422 c424 --- sony: c800 --- telefunken (also US): elam ela m250 m251 - thiele: m1 through m4 - pearlman/rode/lomo
Not in the list? Just ask, we can help !