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N-Tainer 76

Professional-grade case for V76 preamplifiers

This newly developed case for your valued V76 units offers all the features needed:

- highly rugged, anodized aluminium case and panels
- pro-grade components only
- state-of-the-art operational and electrical safety
- mains interference filtering, optional 220V voltage drop for tube protection
- optional 48V phantom powering / phase reverse / ground lift
- optional carrying handle


Professional-grade case for V72-size amplifiers and N52a/t PSUs


Single-unit rack for V72-style units by Neumann, TAB, Telefunken, Maihak etc. as well as microphone power supplies of same size.

The ideal solution to operate these units individually, at full electrical safety and without cabling hassle. Options include: phantom powering, custom connectors, carrying handle etc. product info (PDF)

*) Module must be sent for proper installation and testing.